Frequently Asked Questions

Do my tents need to be rolled a certain way?
No, they don't.  We will be unrolling all tent sections for the inspection process before washing.

Do I need to remove ropes or straps?
No.  During the inspection process the ropes/straps will be zip tied prior to the washing cycle.  This will prevent any tangling.

Do you wash anything besides tents?
Yes, We can wash drop cloths, tarps, inflatables, boat covers, etc...  We can wash most pliable material.

Do you perform repair work?
Yes.  We offer rope and strap replacement, tear repair and pin hole repair.  Please see our rates for repair on the Rates page.

How clean will my washed tent be?
This is a great question.  Your tents will be brighter, cleaner and looking new after our washing process.  As the tent ages a number of issues can deteriorate a tent.  Please remember not all deeply rooted mildew and stains will be removed.  Rose Tent Washing and Repair will do its best to make sure your tent looks professional.

Where do I deliver the tents?
Please contact Rose Tent Washing and Repair before dropping off any tents .  A pickup and delivery service is available.  Please call for pricing.